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Hey, beautiful babe! Are you TOTALLY DONE with trying to lose weight on fad diets that don’t work? Are you done with wondering about which foods stimulate weight loss and body transformation, boost your immunity and your libido as well?! Ooh la la…. Do you want to learn how to get everything you want by developing a sensual and sexy new relationship with yourself, your body and the food you eat?

Then you’re ready to become a Miracle Manifestation Queen. You are ready to energetically wield your desires and get everything you want!

Yes, that’s right.

The day you break up with struggle, body bashing, self-doubt, obsessive exercise and food fear is the liberating day you will begin to have a truly magical life and transform your body, baby. When you truly know the secrets to creating a nourishing mind, body and soul, you become a radiant, sensual, love and prosperity magnet. NICE!

You can think of that toxic relationship with yourself as a boyfriend who's bad news and flat out treats you like crap...Babe, you know it’s SO time to FREE yourself, kick his ass to the curb and welcome in a new juicy lover! Fad diets are just like dating John Mayer - full of struggle, pain and heartache. What you’re going to do now is dump sleazy John, who is also full of seductive promises that always let you down, and replace him with a crème de la crème lover like Mat Damon! Matt is the dependable partner who treats you like a Queen, gives you the support and guidance that you need, brings out your very best and will love you till the end of time. The BodyLove Diet is your Matt Damon, lovely gal. Are you ready for true love? Are you ready to love yourself? You see that is the only path to true physical, spiritual and emotional transformation.

BodyLove Diet - 11 Power Principles to Lose Weight, Attract Love, Create Miracles and Get Deliciously Happy is the world’s most LOVING wellness and manifestation book out there, babe. I’m going to be teaching the secret weight loss principles that no one is talking about…and in my own delicious, unique way! BodyLove Diet is a revolutionary mind-body wellness and nutrition system that will show you how to DETOX your emotions, fall in LOVE with yourself and LOSE WEIGHT…PERMANENTLY AND FOREVER!

This revolutionary book is a sassy, B.S FREE, no-nonsense guide for rockin’ women who want to kick their crap to the curb, look and feel absolutely fabulous… AND fast - without struggle, calorie counting or obsessive exercise! Oh, hell no, we are so done with that! Bodylove Diet creates rockin’ health and transformation by helping everyone jump off the pain treadmill and jump into the juicy pleasure revolution!

The book is based on my highly successful holistic program worth over $10,000. The program has already helped thousands of community members, blog readers, social networking members, magazine readers and hundreds of clients. This is a proven method. It truly works.

The BodyLove Diet goes way beyond what you’re eating to the heart of all lasting transformation – addressing and healing your energy and your emotions!

At the BodyLove She- Empire, we’ve revolutionized the meaning of the word DIET:

I’ve made sure this book is provocative and funny, with the sassiest girlfriend-to-girlfriend detail… because who wants another diet book that is boring, bland, dull, uninspiring and so not sexy? NO ONE!! I share all of my life changing rituals to radically heal your body, mood and energy so that your inner power gets its groove on, girl! Oh and just to let you know, I used to have a chronic eating disorder. Yep. I modeled and pursued an acting career in New York, got hooked on diet pills, became seriously depressed, and started putting on heaps of weight because my metabolism was in the crapper. I then almost lost my life. Let me tell you, that was NOT fun. It was during my lowest point that I decided to find a way to heal because there was no friggin’ way I was going to handle another day in that much pain. And heck, a girl’s got to eat, right? And what about our pleasure, having fun and living rocking lives? It’s pretty hard to do that when you are struggling all the time. I wanted to live a full-on sensual and contented life! I know you do too! It became my mission in life to find a way out of the dieting hell I’d been living. On my journey to well-being, I started to eat the healthiest foods in the world but no matter how well I was eating or how much I exercised, I couldn’t shift the weight, exhaustion or my blues. It was not until I incorporated the principles I am going to share with you in the BodyLove Diet that my weight melted off, my vitality and energy soared, and my moods got a total happiness makeover. My skin even started to glow! I studied, researched and practiced every method under the sun until I devised the most delicious, life-changing and loving wellness & weight loss program ever!!! I’ve now been featured in heaps of magazines, including Cosmopolitan, InStyle and Good Health, as well as coached heaps of celebrities and gorgeous women all around the globe to move from Body Hate to BodyLove.

The secret? Clearing out the junk in your trunk, becoming your own healer, and totally changing the way you live and experience food and nourishment. Let me tell you, when you get this down… it’s like winning the LOTTO, DARLING!

Unless you master these principles, babe, true health, beauty, youthful longevity, a purring metabolism, a radiant body and juicy living just ain’t going to manifest. Why not? Because when you live out of sync with the feminine mode that is the female body, your body is going to totally freak out and enter into struggle mode. Over 90% of women live in constant struggle mode, and when you reach that stage, babe, you are unknowingly creating dis-ease, depression, metabolic issues, low libido and weight gain - not to mention you’re stifling your own joy, pleasure, sensuality, happiness and LOVE!! Crazy!! This has to stop, right? Right!

And it can. Right now.

Following the BodyLove Diet as my beauty regimen, I now eat like a horse! I feel incredible, I’ve lost ten kilos (22 pounds), and I’ve kept it off for six years. I’ve overhauled my metabolism, and have entered a new, sexy, sensual and rich juicy life. I’ve released the emotional, spiritual and physical junk in my trunk and entered into a delicious new world. My mind is free to now focus on all the things I truly love because I am not stifled in fear and anxiety when it comes to food, my body and my relationships with myself and others. I can’t wait for you to experience this kind of beauty, love and vitality too!

If you’ve tried every diet and it’s just not working as well as you’d like it to, trust me, this is your lucky day, precious one. If you are over the grind and want to really love your life - like I was, then you must get your BodyLove pleasure juices turned on… NOW! It’s a juicy combo of science, nutrition, energy healing, and the psychology of eating, baby!

Let your juicy, loved up, rich and sassy chick, new life begin!
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"This is the body, love and food revolution you've been waiting for. Practical, funny and life-changing, this book will help you experience true juicy happiness!"
- Marci Shimoff #1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul
Note For You, LOVELY:
Now, allow me to be totally frank. I could have separated the BodyLove Diet into three books. I was told by my mentors that I should. That it would make better business sense. But here’s the deal…. I wanted this 100,000 word baby to cover the entire method, NOT 1/3 of it and then sell it to you in three separate books where you would have to wait for the whole system!! In order to fully activate your complete transformation, I’ve included ALL of the principles in the ONE book, NOT just some of them, keeping you waiting for your juicy life! So, I have you covered, babe, and as I said, I’ve held ‘NOTHING’ back. It’s all here waiting for you to devour and get your booty and health dancin’ to a new beat.
Here’s how the book has transformed and healed the life of my juicy client and reader, Amanda :
Seriously, I've read lots of spiritual self-help books, but Ingrid's hit home the most. The BodyLove Diet resonated with me so deeply. Ingrid’s take on mind, body and spiritual health and weight loss was like a totally new education in health and in self-love. I think it needs to get out to every woman in the world. I lost 7 kilos in 5 weeks eating so much food. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, and that I was concerned it wouldn’t work for me! But that’s the miracle of this book. It teaches you how to heal the body and to focus on health, not weight, to eat with pleasure and then the body starts to heal and automatically loses weight. I also healed my relationship with my mother and
detoxed from a pattern of being attracted to men that were just not good enough for me. I discovered the link between my past experiences and my thoughts and behaviors that were making me chronically sick. Before reading the book, I was so exhausted and overwhelmed. Now I feel juicy, confident, energized and sexy. I’ve also met a divine man too! Everyone I know wants to do what I’ve done! Ingrid is incredible, generous, funny and loving. She tells you the truth and gets you to see how divine you really are. You’re going to love this book and your new life.
“Attitude, nutrition and mindset are everything! Ingrid and the BodyLove Diet will rock your world!”
- Celebrity Fitness expert Michelle Lovitt who trains, Courtney Cox, Julianne Moore, Amber Valletta, Sean “Puffy” Combs and Julia Luis-Dreyfus
Who is the Bodylove Diet for?
BodyLove Diet is for every woman who wants to have rocking energy and a super body without deprivation and crazy-assed tactics that only age you and make you feel crappy and exhausted. BodyLove Diet is NOT a crazy-assed fad ‘diet’ or a sheer starvation, quick fix that will eventually ruin your metabolism and drive you nuts. Those kinds of diets keep you trapped in a body and food war making life miserable. This is a revolutionary lifestyle to set you free.

The BodyLove Diet will work for anyone who is battling with the following and wants to kick it to the curb once and for all:
  • Weight issues
  • Addiction to chronic dieting, laxatives, diet pills, or other drugs including alcohol
  • Past trauma, family and relationship drama and any ‘baggage’ that you can’t seem to shake
  • Chronic illness
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Blocked creativity and lack of passion
  • A feeling of helplessness
  • Body image issues
  • Bulimia
  • A feeling of ‘I’m not good enough’
  • Fear of the future and reaching success and happiness
  • Difficulty finding and feeling love
  • Struggle or confusion about living with self-love and creating miracles
  • Difficultly manifesting and getting what you want
  • Exhaustion including thyroid issues
  • Pregnant women, women wanting to fall pregnant and women wanting to lose pregnancy weight
“If you want to feel loved and inspired by these delicious recipes and rituals that will absolutely touch your soul, then Ingrid's book was written for you.”
- Janet Bray Attwood, New York Times Bestselling Author, The Passion Test - The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose
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It’s jam-packed with healing rituals that will inspire juicy, rockin’ love deep within your soul and body, baby!
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So what’s different about this book from other diet books?
For starters, I present a whole new method of relating to feeding the body that goes way beyond what you put into your mouth. You can eat the healthiest organic food in the world, but without healing and mastering your emotional well-being and mindset, you will never truly have the beauty, health and happiness you desire. My honest and quirky no-holds-barred style will inspire you to make crucial changes by using the power and wisdom of LOVE to get whatever you want. The book will then guide you further by clearly defining EXACTLY how to achieve this. Transforming your body, mind and soul, my lovely friend, is going to be a juicy fun ride. It’s easy. Delicious. It will turn you on. Fill you up. Love you up. Inspire your Inner Vixen to shine and you will discover the true secret of firing up your metabolism to purr like a sexy kitty cat. It’s overflowing with scrumptious pleasure. It’s electrifying. If you want to connect to your divine feminine power and if you want to finally end your own body war and constant fear of food and gaining weight, and the ”I’m not good enough funk,” honey pie, then you must read this book! It’s going to rock your world and light a fire under that juicy ass of yours! I promise!
“Ingrid uses incredible tools for incredibly dramatic results! You’ll LOVE this book.”
- Actress and Producer, Poppy Montgomery, Unforgettable, CBS
"I love the BodyLove message to all women about learning to lovingly take care of, and accept themselves. BodyLove Diet has a positive, energised and truly loving tone in a delicious language we all need to learn to use with ourselves! Girl Power for absolute sure!! Well done Ingrid!"
- Tanja Djelevic - Fitness expert, Biggest Loser Sweden Trainer and Celebrity Personal Trainer to Matt Dillon, Pink and Rachel Weisz.
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Enlightened education is the key to your mind, body and soul
expansion… it’s the key to your delicious, rich and beautiful new life!
I know you’re as excited as I am about the book, and you won’t believe how much more
I’ve included in this special for you, babe!

Purchase BodyLove Diet and you will receive these juicy loved up “Thank-You” Gifts from our divine BodyLove Beauty-Versity worth over $193.00
1. Love, Happiness & Manifestation Miracles! - NY Times best-selling author, who has sold over 17 million books, Marci Shimoff from The Secret, presents the key manifestation steps to get your superpowers all fired up and ready to go! Marci also takes you through a gorgeous powerful love exercise that you can use daily to enter the love vibration, lower stress and step into your juiciness! Worth $97.00

2. Passion Women on Fire! Janet Bray Attwood NY Times best-selling, The Passion Test shares a jam- packed video master class on how to follow your passion, live with purpose and get out of your own way! Worth $97.00
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Get your full-color, graphic delicious masterpiece BodyLove Diet PDF right here, right now direct from this site! As soon as you’ve purchased The BodyLove Diet in full PDF, you will immediately receive all the juicy bonuses. This is the version that I would love to have printed in hard copy. However, a four-color hardcover physical book would have been way too expensive. And I want the book to be accessible to as many people as possible to get this BodyLove revolution in full-swing, babe! So, here’s the cool thing-- provided you have a tablet, IPad or e-reader that can view PDF files, you can read the book in its gorgeous, colorful, amazingly designed beauty that I intended! Think of this version as the ‘directors’ cut’ of the book. All the same great content, just more beautiful, more playful and more sexy! Such fun!

     Once you tap into your feminine power, you will witness an amazing vibration moving within - like little love and beauty atoms dancing within and around your body. Life gets delicious and your spirit shines brilliantly!

Still not sure?

You may be thinking this all sounds too good to be true, but believe me, I have managed to fit all of this juicy information in this single book. I have held NOTHING back. I am giving you all my secrets because I am so deeply passionate out the BodyLove Diet Method. I know what it’s like to feel lost, alone, depressed and utterly confused about why my body just seemed to store weight or why my relationships weren’t as loving as I would like them to be. I want every woman in the world to be free from that crap. It steals our light, beauty, happiness, sensuality and our power, which prevents us from really living prosperous lives. I am OVER IT!!! Now that I know the cure, how can I NOT share it?! It has taken me almost twenty years to get here, and I don’t want you to have to wait another day to live the phenomenal life you deserve, babe.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is just some of the glowing LOVE and PRAISE I’ve received for the BodyLove Diet
“WOW! I love your message. It’s hard to believe you ever had an eating disorder.”
- Gayle King, Co-Host of CBS Morning Show
“I just love BodyLove. Hollywood needs this!”
- Kate Winslet
Bodylove Diet is the revolution every woman needs. If you want to heal your mind and body and live with more love, peace and pleasure then you've discovered the book that will radically improve your life.”
- Peggy Mc Coll, NY Times Bestselling Author, Your Destiny Switch,
21 Distinctions of Wealth, and many more...
Bodylove Diet is a big energy ball of love that will show you how to release the emotional baggage and Big Fat Lies that have been keeping you from living a rich, happy and juicy life. You deserve to have your own personal BodyLove revolution. Read this book!"
- Amy Ahlers, Bestselling Author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves
“Everyone needs BodyLove and this book shows you how to get it.”
- Dr. Will Clower, best-selling author of The Fat Fallacy
“Ingrid is a brilliant shining light! Provocative and bold, yet beautifully compassionate, BodyLove Diet will connect you with your heart for profound change and healing. You must read this book if you want to enter into a divine space in a rockin’ body, ladies. ”
- Mikaela Katherine Jones, Author of The Little Book of Light: 111 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life
“Bold, succulent and sassy is the unique and powerful dose of Ingrid Arna’s powerful medicine. Sanity reigns and a new feminine paradigm is set to revolutionize your health. I work with actresses and celebrities every day who battle with food, health and weight, finally Ingrid has created a solution that works. ”
- Dr. Philip Goglia, celebrity nutritionist and TV Expert
BodyLove Diet rocks big time! The current beauty standards are ridiculous. Ingrid’s book brings a new sense of confidence for all women.”
- Camryn Manhiem Actress, Ghost Whisperer, CBS
BodyLove Diet presents, at its core, the only real remedy for the war against the body: Love. But it’s not just any kind of love. It’s a love that’s practical, well thought through, positive, inspiring, heartfelt, spiritual, celebratory, and much needed. You have in your hands a multi-dimensional book that embraces all of who we are as eaters - mind, body, heart, and soul. Unlike so many of the books on eating that are trying to force us to use our willpower, control our desires, limit our pleasure, punish us with excess exercise, and tell us why we’re bad, Ingrid Arna is offering a way to approach food and the body that’s positive, life - changing, loving and uplifting. Loving your own body and entering into the BodyLove Diet vortex is the secret nutritional strategy that will take you where you truly need to go.
- Marc David, the founder and director of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating
We live in a world where women are being told that so-called perfection comes in a size 0 package, we're defined by the label in jeans and not by our worth, we diss on fellow girlkind to make ourselves feel better. It's an epidemic, but thankfully, Ingrid Ana has the much-needed antidote. BodyLove. Yep, the body bashing stops here, g-friends. Say goodbye to crazy diets and feelings of not being good enough and give big woops and high fives to a life where you dig on yourself with an intense passion, blow kisses at your reflection and treat your body like your best friend. Consider BodyLove Diet your must-have ingredient to falling completely head-over-killer heels in love with yourself. Can I get a 'hell yes' for Ingrid Arna, please?
Lisa Clark, author of SASSY: The Go-for-it Girl's Guide to Becoming Mistress of Your Destiny and Chief Creatrix at:
“Ingrid - Wow! I love your book! I had tears streaming down three quarters through the first chapter. I feel like this book was written for me. It could not come at a better time. Love, love, love. So blessed and grateful that you exist and that you overcame and pulled through to be the LIGHTHOUSE for others that you are! I can’t wait to read the rest of it! “
- Melissa Ternier
"I'm 55 and menopausal. I have bought every diet book on the market and I’m a self-help spiritual junkie as well. So when I read BodyLove Diet, I was really expecting to find the same old stuff, but Ingrid’s advice and writing really resonated with me. OMG there was so much good stuff I can’t tell you! I need to write up a whole book of powerful notes! Her writing style is so nurturing, loving and inspiring and she has a completely unique slant on everything. Just saying the word "BodyLove" to myself reminds me instantly what I need to do. I am so happy her loving beautiful book is now available for everyone to get their BodyLove on! It’s a blessing!"
- Mary Laffner, Melbourne Australia
BodyLove Diet is kick-ass! I never thought I would say that about a diet book when you consider I had an eating disorder for years. But Ingrid wrapped my heart in love, and inspired me to truly nourish my body at a deep and profound level. I’ve become a new juicy woman. My eating is now full of pleasure and the feelings of guilt have almost disappeared completely. Now, I’m working to balance my hormones and ready my body for pregnancy. I’m already having a sexy time trying!”
- Hannah Millerick, Photographer
“The BodyLove Diet permeates your physical being just like a vitamin.”
- Stacey Lei Krauss, Award winning fitness creator of The Will Power Method and a Nike Elite instructor
“Ingrid’s program radically changed my life, from my self-image, my sense of calm, my relationships, body and belief in myself. Ingrid showed me how to stay calm, grounded and centered in my power amidst chaos. I lost about four kilos and gained an enormous amount of juicy love and vitality.”
- Dominique Rizzo, Author - My Taste Of Sicily, TV Host and Celebrity Chef
“I didn’t lose any physical weight on Ingrid’s BodyLove Diet because I didn’t have to. But I did lose my emotional weight. I feel ‘lighter’, more energetic and accepting - BodyLove Diet is the awakening in personal development I’ve been looking for! Ingrid calls it as it is. She doesn’t fluff around and waste your time. She goes straight to the heart of the matter with her own brand of Ingrid ‘sassy love’. Ingrid will make you cry and make you laugh but most importantly, she will give you the tools to radically change your life! Her approach is straightforward, easy to understand and loaded with commonsense. It’s rare to meet such a generous, passionate and powerhouse woman that is Ingrid Arna. If you want to revolutionize your relationship with yourself to live a lighter, richer and more fulfilled life, then you have got to read this book.”
- Kate Barnes, Health Coach
The power of pleasure and BodyLove has transformed my life.
Not until reading BodyLove Diet did I ever contemplate that each wellness action I took was based on fear rather than love. As in…. "I need to eat this chia porridge so I don't get fat,"" I need to buy this $250 beauty perfect cream so I don't get ugly," “I must do aerobics so I look good."... All crap, all ego and all self-hating, restricting thoughts based on fear of myself, fear of who I am.
Since embracing the philosophy of BodyLove, living with pleasure, beauty and respecting myself, I have lost a dress size without exercise, I am toned, jumping out of my skin with energy, confident, and people ask me what I have done. "You look different," they say. My answer is simply BodyLove!!!
BodyLove Diet is like getting Botox for the soul! Thank you Ingrid for giving me the greatest of gifts!
With Love, Jackie Isles, Food and Life Coach
With Ingrid’s love and support, I've gone from a size 10 to a size 2-4, just as she predicted. And I did it without dieting… only gentle, loving care of myself. This pleasurable and love-based weight loss approach really does work”.
- Tracey Rooney, Celebrity Makeup Artist
I haven't been able to lose weight for 3 years, and now, over the last few weeks, I’ve lost 5 kilos (11 pounds). I’ve read heaps of diet and spirituality books, but Ingrid’s BodyLove Diet broke it down for me, opened my eyes more than ever before.
- Kristina Holland
“Thanks Ingrid for writing this beautiful BodyLove Diet book. Your passion for heath, happiness, love and life shine through every word in this book and provide thought-provoking messages and wonderful tips on nourishing the body, mind and spirit. I only wish I could have had access to a book like this when I was younger. Perhaps I could have avoided living with a serious eating disorder for many, many years. Your book is a fantastic tool for women and young girls even, to help them realize their self-worth and to release negative thinking patterns that can develop into serious issues in life. I loved the meditations and fabulous recipes. It’s become my little go-to bible when I feel I'm running off track. I'm sure everyone will love the BodyLove revolution as much as I do.”
- Tiffany, E.
“My mum put me on a diet from the age of ten, and I have been struggling with my weight, my body and my sense of self-worth from that moment. And then divine intervention stepped in… I met the powerhouse that is Ingrid Arna and proceeded to devour her book. I was blown away. I can’t believe that I have lost 12 pounds (5 kilos) so easily in four weeks! Most importantly, I’ve gained a whole new perspective and appreciation of my body, nutrition, pleasure and sensuality. My mother recently wanted me to join her on another crazy fad diet. After not seeing each other for a month, we caught up for coffee and she was astounded at how good I looked. Now she wants to do what I am doing! Funny how things turn out. Ingrid, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have seriously saved me from decades of starvation, bad health and total body confusion. The BodyLove Diet is the only diet I am ever going to be on for the rest of my life!”
- Kaela Carlo
BodyLove Diet has taught me so much more than how to eat nutritious food and lose weight. It’s given me the power to reach within and find the PLEASURE in self-care. For years I’ve been a fad diet addict. I needed a change… big time. Bodylove Diet’s approach has totally reinvented the way I nourish my body! What a paradigm shift. I know so many women need a new loving weight loss and wellness system and the BodyLove Diet covers it all. I am now eating my way to vibrant health and delicious weight loss. Ingrid has inspired me in ways that have changed my body, mind, and spirit."
- Darice Fisher
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Ingrid Arna’s Bio:

Author, BodyLove Diet CEO, Holistic Health Deva & Rich Chick Business Coach

I’m Ingrid Arna (aka Ms. BodyLove), and my purpose is to turn the weight loss industry upside down and inside out! At last, the beauty revolution you’ve been waiting for is here! I’m a board certified holistic health counselor, speaker, and transformation coach. I run a highly successful global coaching practice, and I work with the best clients ever from celebrities to mamas, athletes and entrepreneurs, and have endorsements from people like Kate Winslet, Poppy Montgomery and Camryn Manhiem. I’ve been featured in Cleo, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Good Health, Body and Soul, as well as Huffington Post. I get super jazzed mentoring women to turn up the volume on their inner Queen so they can rock their destiny and make juicy shizz happen. For more on me, please check out